Trigger and Lassie Would Have Had a Place to Swim at JFK’s 2016’S Brand New Animal Terminal

Roy Rogers Trigger and Lassie at swimming pool

The Ark a Brand New Animal Terminal at JFK Airport

The Ark which will be a  178000-square-foot building will include separate spa-like kennels for dogs and cats, 48 horse stalls, and a cattle pen.

The Ark will be the airport’s newest terminal, designed to accommodate the 70,000 pets and livestock that come through the airport every year. The Ark will cater to five particular animals: dogs, cats, horses, cattle, and birds. The dog center, will be run by Paradise 4 Paws, includes a splash pool. Cat Adventure Jungle features climbing trees with a view of the aquarium.. Each will provide grooming services and cost around $50 a night per pet.

There will be a small zoo, with separate habitats for each type of animal. Per regulation, horses must stay a minimum of three days, so their stalls constantly cycle in fresh air, keeping the animals from inhaling contaminants from other animals. The horse area will resemble a barn, with more than 70 stalls, soft floors that don’t irritate hooves and a walking track. Penguins need cold quarters, and perhaps some privacy, because Mr. Bollmann has learned “they need to mate all the time.”

For the cattle pen, Mr. Gensler one of  the architects of the Ark worked with animal behaviorist Temple Grandin, whose autism has informed her in-depth research into cattle behavior. For example, the pen will guide cattle—which typically stay just a few hours—through a series of bends and turns in their preferred single-file formation

Sources: huffingtonpost,, wired


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