I can’t wait to tell you about my car trips to Florida – they were really exciting.  When we go for a car trip – I really love it.  I sit on my mawm’s lap all the way.   We get to bond all over again.   My maw says the next time we take a long car trip she will refer to because it’s so thorough.  It can’t be more thorough than the research that she puts in.  She has every stop  marked  and every dog friendly hotel  marked too.

Trigger and Lassie Would Have Had a Place to Swim at JFK’s 2016’S Brand New Animal Terminal

ROXIE AT PAWSWAY AND HARBOURFRONT CENTRE, TORONTO, ONTARIO(VIDEOS) – See Roxie at Pawsway taking an Agility Class and see Roxie at Harbourfront Centre. Watch Roxie at the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Downtown Playday which was held at PawsWay  on Auguust 30, 2009.


Check out Roxie’s Summer and Water Safety Video Pics and articles

AAA  offers Travel Options for the Whole Family … Or Just the Two of You Or, heck, just for you!

CAA  offers complete travel agency services with over 145 travel agency locations across Canada.
Visit your CAA club on-line for vacation packages, cruises, airline and hotel bookings, last minute specials, road maps, Trip Tik® Travel Planners and more. You can contact your nearest CAA Travel Centre by phone at 1-800-992-8143

CAA Fact Sheet(As of Jan/08 -Citizens of both the United States and Canada will need to present documentation to enter or re-enter the United States by land or sea:A MUST READ)

Roadside Hotels

Pet Sitting & Kennels

Car Travel Tips

Flight Travel Tips

Airplane carriers, how to measure your pet for a carrier

Airline Pet Policies

International Pet Travel

Relocating with your Pet

Pet Grooming

Pet Travel Equipment and Accessories

Find Veterinarians

Emergency Tips & Pet Hospitals


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