“Roxie and Red Dog reflecting about  “HOW DOGS THINK”

Stanley Coren discusses his book The Intelligence of Dogs with Charlie Rose(video)

How Dogs Think –Listen to Stanley Coren discuss his book “How Dogs Think”  with David Inge 

Listen to: Stanley Coren Interview Why Signing Is Important

Listen to:Stanley Coren’s Interview with Alex Tsikaris -Dr. Stanley Coren, dog intelligence expert and author, explains why dog intelligence, and even dog consciousness, is consistent with Darwinian theories of evolution. Stanley Coren’s latest book is “Why Does My Dog Act That Way”

 Read an interview Stanley Coren  “Is there such a thing as a bad breed?”

Even though Stanley Coren in his book classified me as a medium processor I have to include him in my “Roxie Reads” site — Maw and Paw are making me. I happen to think he should read “Understanding Your Dog for Dummies” .  To see some of Stanley Coren’s books on dogs click hereMaw and Paw say I’m the exception(I’m a very high processor according to Maw and Paw) and probably that Cavaliers on the average are medium processors. So even though this is my site all of Stanley Coren’s book are recommended reading(not by me because I’m still mad at him unless he takes back what he said about King Charles Cavalier Spaniels being medium processors). I know I’m a lot smarter than all those dogs that were at the top of the list. I’m an excellent communicator(I have a very large vocabulary). I like television and bark at the appropriate places, I give kisses on demand(not to strangers), I have at least ten toys and I know the names of all of them. When I’m downstairs and I’m told to go upstairs and retrieve a particular toy — I know that command. When I see a spider, an ant etc. I know how to ask Maw and Paw to dispose of it. I know how to ask for a “glass” of water. Yes a glass( I prefer a glass but I will drink out of a bowl when I have to. The most fun is drinking out of a bottle.


Dr. Coren is a Professor of Psychology at the University of British Columbia

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