Sunny Obama Mingles With Press Sept 9/2013, New York Daily News

The presidential pooch mingles with press Monday, lying down and inviting reporters to rub her stomach. New York Daily News

April Ryan, White House correspondent for the American Urban Radio Networks, captured video of the publicity-loving pooch who happily poked her head into the White House briefing room during a stroll.

 Sunny Obama Sister to Bo(Whitehouse Blog Video)

Sunny and Bo Obama resting on Whitehouse LawnBo and Sunny Obama

Sunny was born in Michigan in June 2012, and arrived at the White House August 19/2013.  Just like Bo, she’s a Portuguese Water Dog, which works great for the Obamas because of allergies in their family.

Sunny is the perfect little sister for Bo – full of energy and very affectionate – and the First Family picked her name because it fit her cheerful personality.  An interesting footnote; the late senator Ted Kennedy and his wife Vicki gave the Obama’s their first portuguese waterdog Bo.  The Kennedy’s had portuguese waterdogs named: Splash(deceased) and Sunny  Listen to an excerpt of the late Senator Ted Kennedy read the children’s book he authored :  My Senator and Me: A Dog’s Eye View of Washington, DC. and videos the the late Senator and his wife with their two portugeuese waterdogs; Sunny and Splashy.

In the past, Bo has been eager to help the First Family with their official duties, from visiting Walter Reed and the Children’s National Medical Center , to inspecting the Holiday decorations at the White House, to greeting guests at the White House on tours and during the Easter Egg Roll  , but in October, the First Lady told reporters that she hosted a “doggie play date” because “Bo doesn’t have enough dog interaction.” So now, in addition to helping with those official duties, Bo takes on the important role of big brother!

In honor of Sunny, the Obamas are making a donation to the Washington Humane Society.

See Bo Obama’s Whitehouse Debut

Matisse cousin to Sunny Obama won Best in Breed at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show 2015 see video

De Matisse Portuguese Water Dog Best in Breed Westminster Kennel Club dog show 2015Matisse, professionally know as GCH Claircreek Impression De Matisse, was born in Arthur, Ontario in 2011. He’s a Canadian-American hybrid; Donna Gottdenker, Matisse’s breeder approached longtime Portuguese water dog breeders Milan Lint and Peggy Helming from the States about breeding one of her females, Femme Fatale, with one of their males, Caribe, about four years ago

Between shows, Matisse is a down-to-earth dog, not the goof or the diva show dog as seen on the big screen. Recently, he’s been enjoying long bicycle rides with his “best friend” Scott. And just like any other Portie, Matisse snoozes on his grooming table or upside down in his cage between showings, snacking on favourite treats like Red Barn Lungs, Benny Bully’s Liver and rated chicken

“He will spend more time on the sofa; let me put it that way.” Source: Toronto Star Friday, February 20, 2015 



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