Roxie Digs No Pantyhose Too!!!!

I don’t like pantyhose either — you can’t get your teeth into them.  What I really like is knee highs and sport socks.  Besides being soft, chewy and smelly I can use them to play tug of war. CNN is conducting a poll so Michelle might have to start wearing pantyhose; especially in the winter(no one wears them in the summer).This is a hint that worked for my mawm:  Put your pantyhose package and all in the freezer; it is supposed to strengthen the fibres and the pantyhose lasts longer.   When they rip they make great dust cloths, she even uses this with her swifter.  She brushes the dust into a waste basket and when she is finished she washes the stocking.

For damage control- on the next “talk show” Michelle Obama should say that she forgot to mention that she uses her ripped pantyhose as dust cloths;  in fact she could do a little demo(she could take the nylon stocking duster (you could use a nylon sockette)out of her purse at the appropriate time and start dusting her host’s desk.  That would be a nice touch.

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