(Surprise outtake makes it worth watching)

Maw-ther finally edited her videos from our July 2007 summer vacation. She was muttering to herself for the last couple of weeks how she was going to be more discriminating about her subject matter. In fact she hasn’t picked up her digital camcorder since she’s been back.
Our first stop before checking into “Great Tree Country Inn” which is one of the few dog friendly accommodations that is very close to Chautauqua Institute was Mayville. Paw kept talking all week about having a”picnic” at the park in Mayville – Mawm because her short term memory is soooo bad was anxiously waiting to have their “picnic” at Mayville too — until they drove up to the park and then she remembered — because the park in Mayville is not representative of the area and also because she wanted to make sure the three omega’s(my siblings-see picture) would watch this video she took some poetic license which makes the video tolerable to watch and even enjoyable.   I wasn’t too happy about our “picnic” either – in fact I was pretty “steamed” – just like everybody was in the movie “Picnic”. It was hot and humid and I was tied to the picnic table. Kim Novak wasn’t tied to a table but Picnic was a pretty “steamy”movie for 1955. “Picnic” was made in 1955 starring William Holden and Kim Novak. The song “Moonglow” was one of the songs played in the movie. The movie “Marty” won that year for best picture. “Picnic” didn’t win any major awards but it did win two awards one for Best Film Editing and another for Best Art Direction.

Home Home On the Range
Great Tree Inn, Mayville, New York

It was a close call when we checked in we were informed that we couldn’t leave me unattended. Pets were allowed but someone must be present at all times. It was our mistake. Paw didn’t read the brochure carefully. After Mawm and Paw’s told “Sam” the owner that I was a “solid citizen” and an ideal “houseguest” she decided to give me a chance. We had to give her Paw’s cell phone number and told her he’d keep it on all the time. I didn’t make a “peep”. Understandably she was worried I’d bark all the time.  Also we were told not to walk near her new horse “Maggie” who they just rescued the day before. Maggie might be skittish and I could frighten her and she might try to run away. The grounds at Great Tree are immense so there was plenty of places for me to walk. In the evening we didn’t want to arouse Sam’s three dogs and Maggie–so  Paw and Maw walked me in a field across the highway. I loved Great Tree because Maw and Paw kept coming back from the Institute to check on me and Sam made a big “fuss” over me everytime she saw me.   After we checked in Maw and Paw decided to take me to hear Ethan Bronner at the Chatauqua Intsitute. I walked all over and I really loved  it
 Chautauqua Institute July 2007

Stormy Weather at Great Tree

After the Ethan Bronnerlecture we went back because it was very humid and the weather was threatening. When we got back to the Inn it started to thunder and lightening so Mawm and Paw stayed until the storm was over. I wish that Mawm and Paw could sing like Lena Horne – she has a soothing effect on me. When Mawm and Paw sing – they are both equally bad– it’s very scary every bit as scary as the thunder and lightening. After the storm Mawm and Paw wentout for dinner with their cell phone “on”; leaving Sam with a brave face.  I was as good as “gold”.

Breakfast at Great Tree Inn

I was the perfect houseguest until the very last day. I didn’t even bark when it was thundering and lightening when I was home alone; but unfortunately I really lost my cool during breakfast just before we left for home.  Mawm was so upset with me as soon as she got home she sent “Sam” a thank you note for her wonderful hospitality and for bending the rules for me.
I heard Maw and Paw when they were eating their “gourmet” breakfast – they were right across the hall from our room. I actually heard them raving about their breakfast – I swear I could hear them chew. Previously when they said good-bye and left me I thought that they were leaving the Inn and going into town – I had no idea every morning when they got up that they were just across the hall in the diningroom . Good-bye Great Tree Inn We’re ARFF to see the world ARFF ARFF

At the 1962 Academy Awards Breakfast At Tiffany’s won 2 Academy Awards –Best Music- Original Song, Henry Mancini (music) Johnny Mercer(lyrics) for the song “MoonRiver” and Best Art Direction,Set Direction, Color. Audrey Hepburn was nominated for best actress but lost to Sophia Loren for her role in Two Women (Italian).

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Chautauqua Institute,Chautauqu Institute 2012 Accommodations DirectoryIt’s difficult to find dog friendly accommodations on the groundsThe Radisson Hotel Jameston, Comfort Inn JamestownRed Roof Inn Jamestownwill take dogs.
Comfort Inn Jamestown
Pet Accommodation: 15.00 per stay per pet.   Pets must be registered with Front Desk or extra $100.00 fee will apply.


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  3. Breakfast at Tiffany’s – a real tear jerker.

    (Thank God they went back for that cat!)

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