Uno First Beagle Ever To Win Best in Show Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show February 12, 2008

    “You are absolutely superb – beautiful line-up – May I have the Beagle”  “He’s the most perfect beagle I’ve ever seen said Dr. J. Donald Jones at a news conference”

 Uno is the first beagle to win Best In Show.  Aaron Wilkerson, Uno’s 29-year-old handler,  has been working with Uno since he was 6 months old.  Now, said Wilkerson, Uno can do as he pleases, but the champion will probably be content to return home  to Columbia, S.C.. and play with his rubber duck.
He was the first one to be celebrated as a champion by President George W. Bush in the White House Rose Garden in May, and still wears the red, white and blue collar that Laura Bush gave him  He has thrown out — OK, he fetched — the first pitch before major league games at Busch Stadium in St. Louis and Miller Park in Milwaukee.
Nov 27 2008 Today, Uno will be aboard the “Peanuts” float, a rendition of Snoopy’s doghouse, at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Uno will be joined on the float by David Frei, the Westminster club’s director of communications and an analyst on the show’s USA telecasts. Frei plays two other roles: Uno’s squire to nearly all his appearances, locally and nationally, and wrangler/maitre d’ at his Manhattan apartment
For the parade, Uno will be awakened at 6:15 a.m. He will drink water but eat nothing except for treats on the float until lunch. Frei will walk his rambunctious quartet through his neighborhood, where Uno has become a regular at outdoor cafes. Soon after, Uno and Frei will ride in a car sent by Macy’s to the parade staging area at 77th Street and Central Park West.  (News NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth Texas Ben Walker Sunday, Feb 9, 2014)
It wasn’t just fun and games for Uno, though. Uno went on to do charity work, as well. “Uno became a registered Angel On a Leash  therapy dog, and we would visit Ronald McDonald houses all over the country,” says Frei.
6 Years After Winning Best in Show Feb 12 2008 Uno Is Still Number 1 at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Uno bobbleheadFeb. 4, 2014, a bobblehead of Uno, the only beagle to ever win best in show at the Westminster Kennel Cub, is displayed against the skyline of New York. Uno is being celebrated with the dolls that will be sold at the Westminster show on Feb. 10-11, 2014.
The Westminster Kennel Club has a remarkable charity called Angel On a Leash.  There goal is to create the best therapy dog programs in health care facilities and other settings across the country.  At the end of 2008 Angel teams were visiting nine prestigious health care facilities accoss the United States.
Uno Best in Show 2008 beagle is honoured the week of (Feb 10, 11, 2014) with a Uno Bobblehead and collar as an Angel on a Leash Fundraiser for: Angel on a Leash America’s Therapy Dogs
Uno Bobble Head Doll Angel on a Leash Charity fundraiserUno Bobblehead – Collar red white and blue a replica that President George Bush and Laura presented him with at the Whitehouse Rose Garden
The Uno Bobble Head Doll will be sold this week(Feb 10, 11, 2014) at the 138th Westminster show and online by Angel On A Leash, a charity headed by Frei that creates and runs therapy dog programs.

Angel On A Leash has agreements with two other therapy dog organizations; Mid South Therapy Dogs of Memphis (MSTD) and Intermountain Therapy Animals of  Salt Lake City (ITA). MSTD is a Delta Society affiliate that sends teams to approximately 40 facilities in the Greater Memphis area. ITA has developed a successful and widely-implemented animal-assisted therapy program called Reading Assistance Dogs (R.E.A.D.) and this agreement grants ANGEL(Westminster Kennel Club Charity) the right to implement R.E.A.D. programs.

The Westminster Dog Show featured R.E.A.D.(Reading Education Assistance Dogs) program on national television in a segment that was  aired right before the Best in Show competition on February 8th, 2004.    See videos and links regarding this program R.E.A.D(reading education assistance dogs)in Roxie’s Family and Dog Issues Section.

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