Honey the Money Dog- The Dog Cashier

Honey the Money Dog


Hardeeville, South Carolina – Honey, the canine cashier
At the All-American Fireworks store /gas station, there is a friendly Cocker Spaniel named Honey. She greets you when you come in — and when you go to pay for your purchases, she will take the money (bills only) and runs around behind the counter, hops up on a chair and gives the money to the human cashier in exchange for a dog treat. If you pump your gas, she will run out to the pumps, take your money and run it into the store. You have to collect you own change. Honey has been featured in the local paper and on local TV. The owner got Honey from the Humane Society. Kids just love her and we made a special stop on the way back just to see her. Be sure to get one of the Honey postcards!! [Jill Carroll, 05/11/2001]

 Hardeeville, South Carolina – Honey the Money Dog
Honey is still alive but not working everyday. We didn’t see her as it was her day off. There is a huge painting of her on the front of the gas station. [Cris Swanlund, 12/03/2007]

Hardeeville, South Carolina – Honey the Money Dog
Address: 309 Highway 17, Hardeeville, SC [Show Map]
Directions: I-95 exit 5. US 17, southbound side. At the All American Fireworks store and El Cheapo gas station.
Phone: 843-784-5086















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