“Sadie, Sadie Lovely Lady” – Oprah Adopts New Pooch From PAWS Chicago Animal Shelter(Video)

“I’m a Mom Again”

“Thank you for my new love PAWS”

“The dog chose me,”  Oprah Winfrey said when co-host Gayle King asked how she selected her new addition to her family.  “She was on my shoulder, nuzzling.”

Oprah Winfrey and her longtime steady, Stedman Graham, adopted Sadie; a blonde cocker spaniel puppy at the PAWS (Pets Are Worth Saving) animal shelter, a no-kill facility where the animal-rights advocate has sponsored a room in honor of her cocker spaniel  Sophie, who passed away last year.  Oprah’s  other much loved cocker spaniel, Solomon, also passed away last year

“Thank you for my new love PAWS”, Winfrey said as she cuddled her new blonde cocker spaniel. Oprah urged viewers to consider adopting from a shelter where many people are  having to give up their pets because their financial status has changed.

The puppy’s crate was actually in her bed during Sadie’s first night in her new home. “We’ve had a rough week, I haven’t slept,” she said.

Winfrey brought out Sadie’s three brothers who are all available for adoption at PAWS.   Co-host Ali Wentworth lying down clutching one of the puppies and mugging to the camera begged her husband George Stephanopoulos, host of This Week to take one puppy home.

Sadie’s a new sister to  Oprah’s much loved golden retrievers, Luke and Layla.

PAWS(Pets Are Worth Saving)

3 responses to ““Sadie, Sadie Lovely Lady” – Oprah Adopts New Pooch From PAWS Chicago Animal Shelter(Video)

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  3. Allen L Schulz

    Wonderful, here is my poem about my Dog Sadie Lady

    Sadie Lady
    After putting down two dogs just months apart
    The house seemed empty and unusually dark
    The everyday pain in the face of my wife
    Then the most wonderful girl came into our life
    From the very place where we had to put the others to sleep
    Came a phone call, they said come take a peek
    We arrived moments later and there she was
    Just so friendly and wanting to be loved
    We instantly new she was sent from above
    Very easy to love and house trained already
    We took her home and her name became Sadie
    Po Rhyme By Al

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