Jane Fonda and her 5 year old Coton De Tulear Tulea Are Joined at the Hip(Videos)

In 2009 academy award actress, excercise guru, author and social activist Jane Fonda along with her much loved 5 year old Coton De Tulear pooch Tulea returned to Broadway after a 46 years absence to star in Moises Kaufman’s 33 Variations.

Jane is an unabashed dog lover.   Tulea her most astute critic accompanies Jane to television interviews, book signings and of course to the theatre during rehearsals and every performance. On the October 27/2010 Oprah Winfrey Show;  Jane told her that after watching Barbara Streisand  and her new puppy Samantha; she decided to buy a coton de tulear after a lifetime of golden retreivers.

Jane Fonda and Tulea discuss her comeback play 33 Variations which ran on Broadway from March 9/2009 – May 24/2009

                            Jane plays a musicologist obsessed with Beethoven

Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS The cast of “33 VARIATIONS” raised $183,547 for Broadway Cares and won the awards for the top Broadway Fundraising show, Best presentation and Best bonnet!

Broadway Cares Easter Bonnet Competition: 33 Variations Easter Bonnet Skit

On February 17/2009 Tulea decided she wanted to take a few bow(wows) of her own one night after the play.

Jane  wrote about it on her blog “OMG! I kid you not and I twittered about it earlier but, no kidding, during curtain call Tulea escaped from her (new) dog sitter and came out on stage. The timing was kinda terrific. I cannot image what it would have been like had she come out during a scene. It’s even possible that there were those in the audience who thought it was planned. But no! I had to scoop her up as I left the stage”  she told the AP. “She knows what the applause means. She knows that means that it’s over and that we’re going to be reunited. She came looking for me.”

On Jane Fonda’s February 24/2009 entry in her blog she writes: Here’s something funny about my dog Tulea: She knows the difference between the applause at intermission and the applause at the end. She doesn’t get as excited after intermission, but at the end, she’s all wagging and shivering and waiting for me to come back to the dressing room when I scoop her up. Ah dogs! What consolation!! http://janefonda.com/flummoxed/

Jane and Tulea Signing Autographs


On May 1/2010 Jane Fonda organized and hosted the first International World Fitness Day at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.  The fitness guru, actress, Goodwill Ambassador (1994) organized the event in an effort to inspire people of all ages and fitness levels to exercise and she even offered a workout session for seniors to prove it’s never too late to get active.  Jane is 72-years-old  has osteoarthritis  and recently replaced her hip and knee and she wants people to be able to see her so that it may encourage them to keep fit and healthy at any age.  She is releasing a new line of fitness DVDs which will be targeting people in her own baby boomer generation.

The proceeds from this  event will benefit the Georgia Campaign For Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention G-CAPP, which Jane founded in 1994 when she was Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nation’s Population fund; and other charities that will empower young people.

Roxie (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) Salutes World Fitness Day

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