Doris Day Animal Enthusiast’s New Album My Heart Tops the Charts in the U.K- Proceeds From My Heart go to the Doris Day Animal Foundation

Doris Day and her Maltese Duffy(a rescue dog)

Duffy  little white Maltese who would be named Duffy Day was destined to be one of the millions of dogs euthanized each year.  Many animals are not considered good candidates for adoption because of behavioral or medical problems, and Duffy had both.  It was through the efforts of an Omaha veterinarian, a friend of Doris Day’s, that Duffy was rescued and given a new lease on life.( Please Donate Today)

Doris Day’s tribute album in memory to her son Terry Melcher proceeds to the Doris Day Animal Foundation

Doris Day’s Aug 3/2011 interview re her new album My Heart

Doris Day Scrapbook  created by a dedicated fan(youtube)in memory of her late son Terry Melcher

Doris Day A Sentimental Journey live performance

Les Brown and His Band of Renown, with Doris Day as vocalist, had a hit record with the song A Sentimental Journey;  Day’s first #1 hit, in 1945. The song’s release coincided with the end of WWII in Europe and became the unofficial homecoming theme for many veterans. The recording was released by Columbia Records as catalog number 36769, with the flip side “Twilight Time”( Wikipedia)

Sir Paul McCartney(see PETA Paul and the late Linda Mccartney’s charity) and Doris Day might seem to come from different worlds — he a giant figure in British pop since the Sixties, she a Hollywood icon with a wholesome image who starred in 39 films. Yet the former Beatle has long been a friend of hers, admiring not only her singing and acting but also her commitment to animal rights.

At 87, Doris Day released her first album of new material in 17 years. My Heart includes cover versions of the Beach Boys, Lovin Spoonful and Joe Cocker, along with nine brand-new recordings of songs written by her late son, singer and Byrds producer Terry Melcher, who died in 2004(see entire interview sept 1/2011,Telegraph.Co.UK ).

Fresh Air’s Radio Host Terri Gross spoke to Doris Day the day before her 88th birthday on April 3/2012

At one point in her life she had 30 dogs living in her house.

“Day stopped making movies in 1968, in part because she wanted a quieter lifestyle than what was available in Los Angeles.

“I came out to Carmel and it was so nice, and I have so many doggies,” she says. “And I thought that this would really be nice.”

In 1971, Day co-founded Actors and Others for Animals, and began to take an active role in animal rescue work with the SPCA. She placed dozens of rescue dogs in people’s homes and rescued many on her own. At one point, she had 30 dogs living in her house.

“It was another area of the house,” she says. “There was a lovely outside place to eat, and it was so pretty and lovely with the fountain and everything. And on the other side of that was where I had the dogs. And they had a big area to run and they had a huge area to play. They were just fabulous and I kept them all.”

Day currently has six dogs and four cats.”

NPR, Fresh Air Transcripts April 2/2012

Listen to entire interview

Doris Day Animal Foundation
8033 Sunset Blvd., Suite 845
Los Angeles CA 90046

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